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The Digital Garden

An open collection of notes, resources, sketches, and explorations I'm currently cultivating. Some notes are Seedlings, some are budding, and some are fully grown Evergreen.

Web Development
Collaborative Learning
Cultured Meat
Digital Gardening
The Web
How to Illustrate
Illustrated Notes
Talks & Podcasts

Making Programming Visual, Graphical, and Learnable

Plebian Programming with Keyboard Maestro

What I'm Doing Now

Natureculture, Moral Purity, and Cultural Boundaries

Paleolithic Nostalgia

Design Patterns in Interactive Programming Games

Tending Evergreen Notes in Roam Research

The Pattern Language of Project Xanadu

Digital Gardening for Non-Technical Folks

The Echo & Narcissus Writing Club

A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

What App is That?

The Linear Oppression of Note-taking Apps

Douglas, Dirt, and Matter Out of Place

Pink, Soft, Glittering Developers

Fetishism & Mechanical Keyboards

A Short History of Bi-Directional Links

Transclusion and Transcopyright Dreams

The Eponymous Laws of Programming

Are Data Unions the Future of Data?

Organic, Local, Artisan Data Storage


Positioning Elements & Scrollytelling in CSS

Painting Roam Research with Custom CSS

A History of Cyborgs

A Digital Anthropology Reading List

A Brief Introduction to Digital Anthropology

GreenSock Animations with React Hooks

Drawing the Invisible: React Explained in Five Visual Metaphors

The Bare Essentials of Greensock

Why You Own an iPad and Still Can't Draw

Illustrating Gatsby's Key Concepts

The Cultural Anthropology of React

Problematic Proteins

New Harvest & Illustrating the Cultivated Meat Podcast

The Gift Economy

Synecdoche: Drawing the Part for the Whole

A Meta-Tour of This Site

How to Become a Neo-Cartesian Cyborg

Growing the Evergreens

The Knowledge Hydrant

Frequently Asked Questions

A Naive Exploration of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Understanding by Design

Silent Synchronous Reading Sessions

What the Fork is React Suspense?

Visually Workshopping the AWS Cloud

Pattern Languages

Fixing Common Git Mistakes

Tracking Humanity

The Dark Forest and the Cozy Web

A Chat with Henry Zhu on OSS & Gift Economies

Defend Your Cookies with Essential Web Security Tactics

What the Fork is xState?

A Journey into Vue-Router

What the Fork is Rust?

The Art and Craft of Gatsby Themes

JavaScript Bits You Skipped the First Time Around

Building Custom React Hooks

Immutable Data with Immer and Personal Assistant Bots

Speaking the GraphQL Query Language

A Fresh Serving of JavaScript ES2019

The JAMStack, Gatsby & Contentful

Instachatting with Vue &

Building VR Apps with React360

Testing Apps with Cypress

How Are Compilers & Transpilers Different?

A Fruitful Guide to JavaScript's Comparison Operators

What the Fork is Babel?

JSX is a Lovechild

What the Fork is the React Virtual DOM

JavaScript's ...spread Operator

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