The Block-Paved Path to Structured Data

How block-based interfaces can help us create more structured data on the web

Assumed Audience

Developers, designers, and product people interested in structured content and structured data.

It's about the dream of creating more structured data on the web, the rise of block-based interfaces, and how those two intertwine. After covering a bit of history on structured data, I discuss the costs and benefits of block-based interfaces, and finally I introduce a new protocol we've been working on at . It's called the and it hopes to solve a number of issues with both structured data on the web and block-based editors.

Here's the original video recording. You can also read the full written version and see slides below.

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Today I saw something at DataConnect that got me very excited. Mainly because it’s work I’d like to re-use in a future work project, but also because it’s work that combined some areas I’ve got skills in. The session was called ‘Searching for data, not just for datasets’ and is
Angsuman Chakraborty
Block-based interfaces can help us create more structured data on the web
Leigh Dodds
This is post makes the argument that we need more structured data on the web, need to be pragmatic in our approach and suggests blocks as a way to improve data entry. Agree with all of that, but...
andy dudfield
This is such a good read on modern structured data. I think this is pretty close to where my thoughts on what the future of the web could be just now. (Found via the magical link machine that is @stevenjmesser)