Maggie makes visual essays about programming, design, and anthropology.

Designer, illustrator, anthropologist, and mediocre developer
Currently leading design at

The Garden

A digital garden is a collection of imperfect notes, essays, and ideas growing slowly over time. Learn more


Opinionated, longform narrative writing with an agenda


Loose, unopinionated notes on things I don’t entirely understand yet.

Tools for Thought as Cultural Systems, not Computational Objects

Pattern Languages in Programming and Interface Design

Pink, Soft, Glittering Developers

A Picture Worth a Thousand Programmes

A Meta-Tour of This Site

Tracking Humanity

The Best Illustration Books and Courses

A Metaphorical Reading Collection

Illustrating Gatsby's Key Concepts

New Harvest & Illustrating the Cultivated Meat Podcast

Making Programming Visual, Spatial, and Learnable

Plebian Programming with Keyboard Maestro


Books I’ve read and books I like the idea of having read.


In the past I have made things

Gatsby Theme Jam
New Harvest 2019 Conference
Egghead Courses