The JAMStack, Gatsby & Contentful

Illustrated notes on the JAMstack, Gatsby & Contentful

The TLDR here is that combining JavaScript, APIs, and Markup (JAM) makes it easy to build sites that work well across all kinds of devices and data loading speeds. Which, like jam, makes everyone happy.

Two popular tools for building JAMstack sites are and . Gatsby is a framework for building the actual site, and Contentful is a Content Management System (CMS) - aka. where you stick all the images, text, and data.

created a whole that walks you through hooking these two up

Here's some notes I took while working through it...

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hareemixx ☾
Day 1 | #100daysofcode Getting back into it so i'm rusty but i've decided to move away from WordPress and build my project using the JAMstack, React and Gatsby. pretty neat illustrated notes by @Mappletons: