Speaking the GraphQL Query Language

Illustrated notes on the basics of the GraphQL query language

If you're lucky enough to already grok GraphQL, you'll know the QL stands for Query Language – aka. the language we talk to our GraphQL API in.

It's not a terribly complex language, but you'll still need to do some syntax studying to get the hang of it.

Thankfully the magnificent made an that runs you through the full GraphQL vocabulary.

It's a wonderful introduction for anyone new to the GraphQL ecosystem – Eve explains all the parts of the playground interface that are not in the least bit intuitive. I'd been stumbling about in my own GraphQL queries lost and afraid until I worked through this.

Anyways, as usual I drew some things:

Twitter kept bugging me to make prints out of these illustrated notes, so this one is now purchaseable as a real life object on the .

There's framed versions and unframed, depending on how fancy you feel. You can if you so desire.

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