A Fresh Serving of JavaScript ES2019

Illustrated notes on the new language changes in JavaScript ES2019

A new version of JavaScript has landed!

Every year JavaScript gets a handful of new features and functions for everyone to play with.

The have released the 2019 additions to , which is the generally accepted version of JavaScript we all know and ~~love~~ tolerate.

You can take a look at the to track the progress of proposed features, including all the ones they've .

I drew up my own notes on the 7 big changes below:

  • Optional Catch Binding
  • Stable array.sort()
  • Flatten Arrays with flat()
  • Flatten & Map Arrays with flatMap()
  • Cut out Whitespace with trimStart() & trimEnd()
  • Descriptions on Symbols
  • Create Objects from Entries with fromEntries()

These notes are all based off Mike Sherov's egghead course on which is a good summary of all the new shiny bits, as well as how they apply in IRL dev situations.

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