Building a Second Brain: The Illustrated Notes

Illustrated notes on the Building A Second Brain course

Much like it sounds, building a “second brain” is about creating a system – outside your physical skin-and-bone bodily boundaries – for storing, organising, and eventually transforming information.

This idea is not especially new; for storing personal knowledge have been around for centuries. Although digital mediums have made it easier and faster to capture, browse, search, and retrieve the information in these systems.

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Alex -
Really nice #SketchNote resource that Maggie Appleton has shared with the world:
Methoden des persönlichen Wissensmanagement (PKM) werden im Zuge der Entwicklung von (neuen) Tools zunehmend zum Thema. Luhmann, der erklärte, nicht er allein sei Autor seiner Bücher, sondern auch sein Zettelkasten schreibe mit, wird als Kronzeuge für die Bedeutung methodischer F
I wasn’t really planning to use this site for anything but as a base for my other blogs running on WP Multisite, but I wanted to share some of my recent processes and such around my notebook archives. Step 1 was to scan my notebooks. I’ve started with all my pocket notebooks t
The best change I’ve made to my life this year – and maybe in the past 10 years – is creating my own ‘Second Brain’. The Second Brain is an idea popularised by productivity guru Tiago Forte, and is a system for personal knowledge management that exists outside of your own head.