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Instachatting with Vue &

Last tended on May 20, 2019
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The intantness of chat apps has always been a mystery to me.
The technical details of moving emojis through The Internet Pipes and across continents in 0.004 miliseconds is well beyond my paygrade.

But I got a tiny window of insight into the magic while illustrating notes for Mark Barton's course on building chat apps with Vue and

Course illustration of a Vue logo and multiple chat bubble floating above it

Turns out it's not magic, but instead done through websockets. Which are like little portals that hold open a consistent connection between two machines.

I obviously still haven't a clue what goes on inside that dark little portal. Thankfully using tools like Vue & save us from that level of depth.

Vue and for real-time gives us bidirectional communication between two clientsThe emit method lets us send and recieve any knd of event. We can target specific users or a group of usersThe full vue and socket sketchnote

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