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A Journey into Vue-Router

Last tended Jan 16, 2020
Illustrated Notes
Web Development

A box with green vue roads coming out of it

I haven't explored the Vue framework much but it's got a thriving community, and I wanted to see how it compared to React, Svelte, and the 20 other font-end framework options.

I got to see inside the Vue-machine a little while working through Laurie Barth's egghead course on how to set up routes between Vue pages and components.

I made a few illustrated notes on the main concepts

Journey with Vue Router
To setup, install and import vue router, create an empty array of routes, and pass that array into a new router function
When making new routes, each one needs a path and a component. We can also pass parameters to our routes
The wild card path acts as a cacthall for unknown routes

If you're a Vue person and want to dive into this more, you can check out Laurie's course here...

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