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A Meta-Tour of This Site

Last tended on July 22, 2020
🌱 Budding

Jared Pereira has been running a wonderful series of personal website tours this year.

The guest list features many of my favourite Digital Gardeners and indie web creators such as Tom Critchlow, Chris Aldrich, and Azlen Elza.

I recently stopped in to show what this website looks like behind the Wizard of Oz curtain:

Tech Stack and Features

  • Built with Gatsby, which uses React for rendering and GraphQL for data fetching
  • All posts (notes, essays, books) written with MDX - allows me to write React components inside markdown files for extra JavaScript power ✨
  • I use the CSS-in-JS library emotion for styling components
  • Responsive footnotes implemented with Tufte CSS (no JavaScript required!)
  • Bi-directional Links with gatsby-theme-brain, and page previews adapted from gatsby-theme-andy
  • Tippy.js for tooltip popovers
  • Images hosted on Cloudinary to avoid the long build times when using gatsby-image
  • Deploys to Netlify directly from Github. Currently takes 4 minutes for the site to build and deploy. I have no idea if that's good or not, but I'll take it 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you want to see all the source code yourself, feel free to wander around in the Github repo.

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