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A Fresh Serving of JavaScript ES2019

Last tended Jun 23, 2019
Web Development
Illustrated Notes

New features in JavaScript ES2019

A new version of JavaScript has landed!

Every year JavaScript gets a handful of new features and functions for everyone to play with.

The TC39 committee have released the 2019 additions to ECMAScript, which is the generally accepted version of JavaScript we all know and love tolerate.

You can take a look at the TC39 Github to track the progress of proposed features, including all the ones they've accepted into the official language.

I drew up my own notes on the 7 big changes below:

  • Optional Catch Binding
  • Stable array.sort()
  • Flatten Arrays with flat()
  • Flatten & Map Arrays with flatMap()
  • Cut out Whitespace with trimStart() & trimEnd()
  • Descriptions on Symbols
  • Create Objects from Entries with fromEntries()

Gifts in the latest language update from the TC39 committee
Optional Catch Binding
Stable array.sort
Flatten Arrays with flat
Flatten & Map Arrays with flatMap
Cut out Whitespace with trimStart & trimEnd
Descriptions on Symbols
Create Objects from Entries with fromEntries

These notes are all based off Mike Sherov's egghead course on Javascript ES2019 in Practice which is a good summary of all the new shiny bits, as well as how they apply in IRL dev situations.

JavaScript ES2019 in Practice

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