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The Anti Library

Books I haven't read, but like the idea of having read.

Sand Talk

Tyson Yunkaporta

Surfaces and Essences

Douglas Hofstadter & Emmanuel Sander

Two Bits

Christopher M. Kelty

The Utopia of Rules

David Graeber

The Way We Think

Gilles Fauconnier

What Algorithms Want

Ed Finn

Affective Computing

Rosalind W. Picard

Ghost Work

Mary L. Gray & Siddharth Suri

Homo Ludens

Johan Huizinga

Human-Machine Reconfigurations: Plans and Situated Actions

Lucy Suchman


Pierre Bourdieu

The Embodied Mind

Francisco J. Varela, Eleanor Rosch, and Evan T. Thompson


Timothy Morton

Braiding Sweetgrass

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Blackfoot Physics

F. David Peat

Europe and the People Without History

Eric Wolf

Global Magic

Alf Hornborg

Information Doesn't Want to Be Free

Cory Doctorow

Mind in Motion

Barbara Tversky

Supersizing the Mind

Andy Clark

Tools for Conviviality

Ivan Illich

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