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Facebook React 50k Shirt

May 2019

A shirt design to celebrate Facebook's React framework hitting 50,000 Github stars.

The React development team contacted me to help design a shirt. They were approaching 50,000 stars 💫 on Github and wanted to commemorate with a limited-edition shirt.

Exploration & Concepting

The first challenge was to figure out a cental design idea for the shirt. We knew there were core principals the design should communicate – React is powerful, flexible, and immensely popular in the development community.

I did an initial round of 360° brainstorming of all the directions we could take it.

Making Choices & Refining Designs

After reviewing the possible directions with the team, we decided the 'reactive' volcano design both expressed React's core themes and worked as a simple and strong visual.

From there I explored more subtle shifts in design elements, details, and composition options. Vectorising the primary shapes helps make these small experiments fast and easy, and lays the groundwork for the final vectors.

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