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Bringing Bi-Directional Links to Gatsby Gardens

Last tended on May 14, 2020

Building this digital garden has been quite the pet project. I crafted it using Gatsby.js - a React-based static site generator that gives you a decent balance between convenience and control.

But it's currently missing one killer feature...

✶ The Bi-Directional Link ✶

I wrote up A Brief History of the Bi-Directional Link if you need a bit of background context on the idea.

On May 19th I'll be hanging out with Aengus McMillin, Aravind Balla, and Ian Jones (my digital gardening co-conspirator) on a livestream and showing how to set up a bi-directional linking system in Gatsby -- with this site as the guinea pig.

We'll be implementing Aengus's gatsby-theme-brain which, much like it sounds, is a Gatsby theme that will help us build that brain-like system of interlinking nodes.

We'll then add Aravind's gatsby-theme-andy which gives us preview pop-overs when you hover on page links.

Don't worry if you can't make it. I'll post the recording here afterwards, as well as notes on the process.

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